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Why choose Birkett Motors to repair and service your electric vehicle?

Birkett Motors is your local specialist electric and hybrid vehicle service centre in St Helens. Having trained at the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI – our leading provider of automotive training in the UK), garage owner Paul, is fully qualified to work on both electric and hybrid vehicles, having successfully completed the training and demonstrated that he has the skills required for repairing high voltage vehicle systems and components safely and effectively.

If you have any questions or concerns about your electric or hybrid vehicle, get in touch with Paul on 01744 28818 or contact him here.

Should I buy an electric car?

As the government’s 2030 ban on the sale of new internal combustion engine (ICE) cars and vans approaches, sales of electric and hybrid vehicles are seeing a noticeable increase. You’ll still be able to drive your ICE car after 2030 but it’s unclear how the used car market will evolve; it may be that if the popularity and success of EVs continues, reselling your ICE vehicle will become tricky and you may eventually find fewer technicians with the skills to work on them. Electric vehicles should become cheaper to buy and the used car market for these vehicles will start to really open up making them a more affordable option for the majority of drivers.

What are the benefits of having an electric car?

  • Electric cars cost less than ICE cars to maintain as they have fewer parts that might need repairing or replacing.
  • The battery pretty much does all the work that all the engine components combined do in an ICE car.
  • Electric cars are so much quieter than petrol and diesel-fuelled cars. The only noise that they make is when they are moving slowly to alert pedestrians.
  • You can charge your electric car at home which means no more petrol station queues or last-minute fuel stops before you set off on a journey. And with the charge range increasing all the time, if you plan well and charge at home, you can often avoid having to charge your car en route.
  • You can often park your electric car for free and avoid the costly Emission Zone charges that many cities now apply to drivers of ICE cars.
  • Electric cars are obviously better for our environment as they create no emissions.

Where can I charge my electric car?

Use the map below to find electric vehicle charging points across the UK.

Birkett Motors is a DVSA-approved MOT testing centre that also provides a range of servicing and repairs for all makes and models of cars and LCVs, including EVs. We are pleased to have partnered with Payment Assist to enable our customers to cover the cost of unexpected repair bills over 4, interest-free, monthly payments.

To find out more about Hybrid & EV Repairs & Servicing in St Helens, contact us online or call us directly on 01744 28818

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